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Homeland Security Threat and Incident
Notification via Your Mobile Device

Do you know why officials within the Department of Defense, FEMA, DHS, local governments, private industry and many others use the AlertsUSA service for notification of breaking developments on the homeland and national security fronts? Simple. Our speed, accuracy and breadth of reporting is unparalleled.

Since 2001, AlertsUSA has helped individuals, corporations and government agencies monitor and protect against growing dangers in our world, regardless of their location, with flash notification of significant threats and dangerous developments sent direct to their mobile device 24-7-365. No fluff, no hype. Just the developments posing a serious threat to the country and its citizens and interests.

From terror alerts to tsunami warnings, from nuclear power plant emergencies to infectious disease outbreaks, AlertsUSA is the gold standard for up to the minute notification of homeland security alerts and threat information.

Who Uses This Service?

In addition to multitudes of average citizens across N. America, our customer base
includes the following organizations:


Utah Transit Police
WV Emergency Services
City of Austin
City of Fort Collins
City of Fremont PD
City of St. Louise EMA
LA County Sheriff’s Dept
Port Auth of NY and NJ
Ventura Harbor Patrol
Collier Co. EMA
Snohomish County
Harris Co. EMA
Joshua Basin Water Dist
General Services Admin
Military Sealift Command
California National Guard
Maryland JTTF
Maryland Dept of Health
NJ Dept of Health
Farmer’s Insurance
Bank of America
Bank of New York
Constellation Energy
Nationwide Insurance
Saudi Aramco
Nat’l Nuclear Security Admin
Defense Info Systems Admin
Defense Security Service
Dept of Defense
Dept of Justice
Dept of State
Dept of Homeland Security
Transportation Security Admin
U.S. Air Force
U.S. Army
U.S. Navy
U.S. Coast Guard
Civil Air Patrol