A song by Steve Winwood and performed by Blind Faith in1969.

Today while putting up food I was thinking about bugging out.  I’m really kind of a bug-in guy, but I realize that I might have to bug-out.  Part of bugging out is finding your way.  I’ve been to cities after hurricanes and all the street signs were gone.  Most of the traffic lights were gone.  There was no way to tell where you were or to give (or get) directions.

Yes, GPS, cell phones, Google Maps, etc., will help – as long as they are working.  I was in the Army back in the ‘80’s and as a part of my training, I was taught map and compass.  How to navigate, how to determine my position, and how to give my position to someone else.  Since then my involvement in Boy Scouts, Search and Rescue, and the Civil Air Patrol; required knowledge of map and compass.

However, its been a few years; I have gotten a little rusty.  I also realized that other skills needed refreshing.  I decided to take a one-day survival skills training course and a two-day land navigation course with Randall’s Adventure Training  in Gallant, AL

These skills may not be necessary around the homestead, but someday, I may no longer be at the homestead.

Two good resources for map and compass:

1) The Army Field Manual 3-25.26 Map Reading and Land Navigation.

2) Be an Expert with Map and Compass by Bjorn Kjellstrom

This are the classics, the bibles of map and compass.  Tangible skills can degrade over time.  Any preparation planning should include keeping vital skills current.