Forward Observer

Forward Observer is proud to partner with PrepperNet because we understand the importance of people, skills, and networked teams during future challenges. We’re a group of intelligence and special operations veterans who track political, economic, and social instability in the United States. Through our intelligence reports and training, we help Americans understand current trends and make better sense of the spectrum of threats. – Samuel J Culper

Forward Observer – Threat Intelligence

Forward Observer is an Intelligence services company specializing in threat intelligence, trend analysis, conflict monitoring, and applied intelligence training.

We produce three intelligence summaries each week, in addition to our daily reporting.

Strategic Intelligence is our risk of war and national security intelligence report published on Thursdays. We produce situation reports for the four major flashpoints: NATO-Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran/Middle East. In addition, we also track pre-war indicators in the U.S. military and defense industry in the Defense in Brief section.

National Intelligence is a weekly report published on Fridays that covers national security, domestic systems disruption, risk of failing critical infrastructure, and threats to social, political, and economic stability.

Alt-Observer is published on Fridays, and tracks the development of domestic conflict, revolutionary political movements, tribal violence, and other factors that disrupt our “civil” society. It’s our belief that the U.S. is already experiencing signs of a low grade domestic conflict, and we publish our findings in this report