Shelby Gallagher is a different kind of prepper: a former single mom in a large West Coast city who started squirreling away food and buying a gun when she realized the government would not be there to take care of her and her kids when the Collapse comes. She sent a draft of her first book to prepper author Glen Tate, who read the first few chapters and called his publisher. Her three-book series is now one of the most popular prepper book series. She describes the need for prepping in ways women can relate, but so can men. She is now married to Glen Tate and they live in rural western Washington.

Prepping 2.0 continues moving at the speed of Glen and Shelby. Just found out today it is now available on iTunes! We have worked hard to get it on multiple platforms not only to cover the popular venues, but in case any one of them is closed down.

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