City Startup Kit includes:

  • Step by step city plan
  • City Communication Plan
  • Marketing Plan
  • City Leaders Downloads
  • City Leaders Shared Presentations
  • City Leaders Online Tools
  • City Leaders Directory
  • Financial Plan
  • Support Program
  • Access to Survival & Prepping Experts
  • We train you
  • We support you


Why purchase a PrepperNet City (leaders)

Way to vet others and find qualified candidates to join your own MAG

Meetup site to attract local likeminded preppers

Brand recognition of PrepperNet

Online presence already established: MeetUp, FaceBook, ………

PrepperNet Email domain

MAG organization assistance & PrepperNet MAG Guide

Consolation with PrepperNet Leadership

Prepackaged Material on preparedness topics for your meeting presentations

PrepperNet Logo merchandise

Either via your members joinning PrepperNet or local sponsors that we help you get!